Can You Cook Rice Without Heat?

Rice is a grocery that we are using very frequently. But despite that fact, a lot of people have some questions about rice preparation. That is why I decided to write a series of articles that will help you prepare rice in various ways and without some key ingredients. The first article in that series will tell you is it possible to cook rice without heat, and, even if it is, is it actually a healthy thing to do. So let’s get down to business.

Can Rice be Cooked Without Heat?

You are most likely wondering why would you even attempt to cook rice without the heat. Well, in all honesty, the fact is that a lot of people that spend time in nature like hikers or anglers bring rice with them. Rice is full of various nutrients and that makes it a perfect meal without meat when you need strength. Personally, I am spending a lot of time on rivers and lakes when I go fishing. I found out that rice is awesome to bring with me on a trip. It’s easy to prepare and I can make all kinds of warm dishes pretty quickly. But what happens if you forget to bring your gas stove with you? Or did you run out of the gas in your bottle? That can be tricky. Read on and find out what can be done in a situation like that.

How Do I Cook Rice Without a Stove?

Well, you don’t. Let me be pretty straightforward. You can’t cook rice without heat! Do not attempt to eat uncooked rice unless you find yourself in an absolute emergency and you don’t have anything else to eat. Rice contains lectin, a protein that is one of the top ten causes of food poisoning. Uncooked rice is full of it so please don’t eat it.

Soaking rice in the water won’t do much good either. Rice will become fermented, but it will still be raw. So let me be perfectly blunt. If you just moved and you don’t have your kitchen appliances installed yet, you can prepare rice with very little water in the microwave (if you have one at hand). In case you are completely out of electrical power and gas, I don’t recommend that you consume rice that is raw. If you are out in nature, you can always start a fire to get heat for your rice, just be careful that you are in the clearance and nothing else will catch fire.


The answer to the question of whether you can or can’t cook rice without heat is a firm “no”. If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have access to any kind of heat source, eating raw rice should be your last solution. Rice simply can’t be cooked without heat or steam. Out there in nature, you always have an option to start a campfire which will help you to cook your rice.

In summary, raw rice shouldn’t be consumed. It can cause unpleasant stomach problems. It’s better to have backup options on your nature adventures. If you just moved, order a takeout. Don’t risk it with raw rice.

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