Ninja Smart Screen Kitchen System with Freshvac Technology

Ninja smart screen kitchen system with Freshvac technology brings innovation to the table. This feature is allowing it to vacuum lock its smoothie contents before mixing, thus locking in the vitamins and reducing froth and separation. Many users mentioned that it disappoints when put to the test! The vacuumed smoothie was certainly brighter in color and had a finer texture, as well as a superior flavor. It also performed admirably in other recipes, receiving good grades for smashing ice and combining batter. It has a sturdy and elegant design that would look great in a modern kitchen. Although you get what you pay for, it isn’t the cheapest blender.

Here is everything you need to know about the ninja smart screen kitchen blending system with touchscreen display technology.

Ninja Smart Screen Kitchen With Freshvac Technology

Freshvac Technology is famously recognized for being one of the best companies so far in offering kitchen appliances. One of their best and newly launched products is “Ninja Smart Screen Kitchen.” It’s a combination of juicer, blender, and grinder. The technology is computerized, meaning that you get to see digits on a screen located at the buttons section of this product. The section continues a touch-screen display, with a speed option of low, high, and pulse. Also, the product gives you three categories of smoothie, ice cream, and puree. You can also create a frozen drink with this product.

The days of people using buttons to operate devices are long gone. Companies are now focusing on adding innovation to their appliances by including touch screens. The following are the product’s main characteristics.

  • 1400-peak-watt motor base installed.
  • Touch screen display installed which is easy to clean and manage.
  • The touch screen comes with pre-set recipe program so you can awaken the inner chef within you.
  • Comes with a vitamin and nutrient cup for extraction.
  • Powerful blades are installed within the system, ready to break even the tougher of ingredients.
  • Blades are removable
  • The design is really attractive and user-friendly.
  • Comes in the color black.

The product comes with great benefits. However, it depends upon the buyer what he is searching for in a product.

What Comes With the Purchase of This Device

Here is the type of products that come along with purchasing a ninja smart screen kitchen blending system with a touchscreen display.

  • Powerful replaceable blades
  • Single server cup
  • 9-pre-set IQ programs installed within the system
  • Touch screen display
  • Nutrition extractor
  • Slicer/Shredder

All these come with this purchase you make. The nine various pre-set Auto-iQ routines are incredible, and I would consider them a highlight feature. Auto-iQ makes crushing, blending, and processing just about anything simple and effective, and FreshVac technology is a great compliment. FreshVac makes a significant impact. Customers tried out making a smoothie with and without FreshVac, and most mentioned that they never go back to making smoothies without it since the smoothies are so smooth and flavorful. I am convinced that if you enjoy smoothies, you will enjoy this blender. Apart from smoothies, this blender can do a lot more, thanks to the many programs and three distinct containers, which include the FreshVac pitcher, FreshVac cup, and precision processer. This is more of a kitchen system than a blender because it has everything you could need.

Ninja Smart Kitchen System – Product Verdict

The NutriNinja FreshVac’s blending skills get a review of 4.5/5 stars, which leaves little space for improvement. This smoothie maker produced outstanding results in every category. Regardless of the components, each recipe was blended beautifully and quickly, with each cycle taking about 30 seconds. When customers tested the difference between using the FreshVac pump and not using it, they discovered that smoothies appeared brighter and tasted smoother. The design, however, is not without defects! When working with harsh ingredients, such as almonds, people discovered that it vibrates quite a bit.

On Amazon, this product is rated 4.5/5 stars. There are about 125 ratings in total among which, 77% are positive with a 5-star rating.


People were happy with the product in terms of the following:

  • The product is easy to clean
  • The product’s blending power is strong
  • The product is user-friendly
  • The product has a sleek design, attractive to look in the kitchen
  • This purchase is not only a product but a whole blending system, perfect for the kitchen.


Although people loved a lot of things about the product. There are a few drawbacks they found.

  • The product makes a lot of noise
  • The product vibrates a lot when added tough ingredients
  • No proper dough setting
  • The dough blade doesn’t work well in making dough
  • It’s hard to find replaceable cups for it in case you aren’t satisfied with the actual size of the cup that comes with it.

The drawbacks mentioned above are all taken out due to customer reviews. Now as per my verdict, I believe upgrading to a full blender and food processor is simply fantastic. I appreciate the clean appearance of this new model because it doesn’t have any push buttons and just shows up when it’s plugged in. I appreciate it when the blender recognizes what you’re using as a smoothie or food processor. The food saves feature on this new Ninja is a fantastic thing to have. It allows you to lock up whatever you’ve blended or are about to blend. It’s fantastic to have all of the accessories that come with the food processor.

Housewives, home-based workers, and those who love cooking will simply enjoy using them to create salads, smoothies, juices, sauces, guacamole, and much more.

Customer Reviews for Ninja Smart Screen Kitchen System With Freshvac Technology

On Amazon, about 77% of the customers ranked the product as 5 stars, which means there is some area that needs improvement. As per customer reviews, one person on amazon mentioned:

“It’s fantastic. The capability of pre-programmed start and stop is quite handy.”

Another person commented:

“Excellent new factory sealed product at a sale price below the Mexican market.”

Although the majority of buyers were pleased with the product, there were a few issues. The problems were with the dough-making feature, which appeared to be absent from the product. Many customers struggled to make dough since the result was either chopped dough, sliced dough, or a smoothie. One of the biggest disadvantages of this device is that it does not have a dough-making option.

Price and Durability of Ninja Smart Screen Kitchen System With Freshvac Technology

As you know, the purchase of a ninja smart screen kitchen system with Freshvac technology is a whole package. So the price isn’t cheap either. Currently, on Amazon, the product is being sold at around $185 respectively. You can also purchase this product in combination with many other products of the same brand. The price however of this product keeps fluctuating due to the rise and fall of the dollar currency. Sometimes, the product is being sold at a sale price therefore, it’s recommended to keep checking their page for knowledge and price regarding the product.

As far as its durability is concerned, the product is made with a blade of stainless steel. Material (the upper body of the product) is made up of durable plastic. Item height and width are 12 inches. The warranty for this product lasts for a year.


The new Ninja kitchenware is an update of the previous kitchen gear. The drive system is smaller, but it has the same design as the earlier unit, which, although being constructed of plastic, has functioned well over the years for a lot of customers. Ninja also cut expenses by ditching the suction release mechanism in favor of smaller typical suction at the feet of the base. The new base is entirely black, with a lovely selectable touchscreen that changes depending on which vessel is connected to it. It works nicely and makes using the blender easier, which is a plus. Ninja also introduced a new vacuum function through this product launch that not only improves texture but also locks in nutrients.

The only thing lacking is the ability to make dough; otherwise, the product is excellent. However, whether a person likes a product or not is ultimately up to them. But, in my case, I’d suggest it because it combines a variety of mixing, crushing, chopping, slicing, and grinding functions into one convenient package.

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