How to Soften Hamburger Buns

If you’re purchasing ready-made burger buns at the grocery store, make sure to get the freshest pack possible. Frozen or old buns are never preferred in comparison with fresh buns. This is because freezing the buns reduces their moisture levels, resulting in drier buns. Though frozen buns are less expensive, your burgers will likely taste better if you use fresh buns. Now, let’s suppose you’ve bought some buns or cooked them a few days ago, and now they are not so soft anymore. What to do now? Well, take a look below to find out how to soften hamburger buns.

Heat Your Buns

Heating the buns is the fastest and easiest technique to bring frozen buns back to life. The gluten in the bread is reactivated with only a little heat, such as from grilling or toasting. This softens the buns and increases their aroma. Tossing your burger buns in the oven for one to two minutes can help reproduce the aroma and feel of freshly made soft bread.

Add Mayo Before Grilling to Soften Your Hamburger Buns

Just a dab of mayonnaise can give store-bought burger buns a fresh feel. They’re gonna be back to being soft and smelling good again. Simply, spread any high-quality mayonnaise on both sides of the bun. Then toast until golden brown on both sides on a flat-top grill. This method is simple. Any seasoning that matches your taste or burger recipe could be added to the mayonnaise. Garlic powder, basil leaves, or chili powder can all be added to the mix (to enhance the flavor).

Steam The Buns

Steaming store-bought buns makes them softer and adds moisture. Hot-dog vendors steam their buns because it improves the flavor. In only a few minutes, you can produce the same results at home. Take a stainless steel perforated bowl and lay it over a saucepan filled with some cups of boiling water to form DIY steam. Place the buns in the bowl and cover them with a lid. Now steam for one or two minutes and you’re done.

Hopefully, this article helped you and you won’t have to taste stale buns ever again. Nonetheless, always try to use fresh buns. They are meant to be used fresh in the first place.

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