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T45 vs T55 vs T65: Which One To Choose?

Are you looking at the flours T45, T55, and T65 and wondering which to choose for baking a croissant? Don’t worry, we got the solution to your confusion in the detailed comparison in this article. 

So, what’s the difference in T45 vs T55 vs T65?

When comparing T45 vs T55 vs T65 flour types, the main difference is their mineral content. T65 has the highest mineral and protein content, thus having the strongest flavor and usability in making pizza dough and artisanal bread. T45 and T55 are softer flour types, used in making pastries.

But, that is not all. These flour types differ in more areas discussed in detail below. Read more to know all the differences and which flour is the best choice for you.  

T45 vs T55 vs T65: Quick Comparison

In the table below a short comparison is made of the three types of flour, T45, T55, and T65. Their different characteristics are taken into account to make this comparison.  

Type of FlourT 45T 55T 65
Ash Content (Mineral Content)0.40%-0.45 %0.50%-0.55%0.60%-0.65%
Protein Content8.5%-9.5%11.0%-12.0%12.0%-13.5%
UsesMaking high quality cakes and sweets.Making bread, puff pastries, croissants and baguettes.Making baguettes and artisan dark breads.
Appearance Pure White Color White ColorWheatish Color
Price( per kg)$11$8.5$5.95
Degree of RefinementMost refined Less RefinedLeast Refined
TasteMild, slightly sweet tasteMildly nutty tasteSlightly Bitter, Nutty
Richness of wheat flavor MostLessLeast
SkinLight, thin skinBlistered skinThick, crisp, hard skin

T45 vs T55 vs T65: Detailed Comparison

Now let’s take a look at the differences between the three flour types in detail.

Mineral Content, Refinement, and Color:

The T number is a measure of Ash or Mineral content. A higher T number means more ash content and a lower T number means less ash content. This is the ash that would remain if 100 g of the flour was burned.

 As the T number and hence ash content increases, the color becomes darker (due to more fly ash present). Also, ash content tells us how much of the grain (germ, bran and outer endosperm) remains in the flour after milling. Thus, lower ash content means the wheat in the flour has been refined thoroughly. 

Thus, since T45 has the least ash content ( 0.45%), it is the most refined out of the three flour types. T55 is less refined and T65 is the least refined, relatively. So if you’re using the t65, be careful about making tacky dough. 

The ash content also controls the color of the flour. The more the ash percentage, the darker the flour.

Source: cookingclubkw.com

T45 is thus the whitest of the three, T55 is darker, of a more wheatish tone and T65 is the darkest of the three. 

Protein Content:

The protein content is important because it directly relates to the gluten content in flour. Gluten is a type of protein that has molecules that form an interlinked network by binding to each other. 

This network gives the dough from the flour its structure and its stretchability or its ability to rise.

Now, comparing the three types, t45 flour protein content is the least, 8.5%. T55 flour protein content is 11% and T65 has about 12% or more.  

This means bread loaves made from T55 and T65 will be more airy and bulky- as desired in baguettes or croissants. However, be careful while baking so that you don’t have any crust flying.
On the other hand, for bakery items like cakes and pastries, the T45 will be more suitable. This is because in these cases the bulk or airiness is not needed.

The image below shows how protein content can make a difference in color. At the bottom is white bread or T55 flour, in comparison to whole grain flour with more protein.
T55 is lighter in color due to lesser protein percentage.

protein content
Source: MyLoveOfBaking


As mentioned before, the T45 has the least amount of gluten. This enables it to produce extremely fine crumbs.  This type of crumbs and the flour’s high refinement are particularly useful in making delicate food items like pastries, profiteroles, cakes and brioche. T45 can also be used to make sourdough bread.

T55 flour has a higher protein content than T45. So in the difference between t45 t55, t55 has more structural strength, elasticity, and bulk than t45. This enables it to be used for bread making. 

However, despite having more protein than T45 flour, T55 is still a low protein flour. This makes it suitable to make delicate crumbs that are ideal for making pastries, profiteroles and brioche

T65 flour has the highest protein content of the three types, meaning, the most gluten. This causes the dough to have high stretchability and when baked, the most chewiness. 

The dough from T65 also has higher fermentation tolerance- meaning it can be fermented for long periods of time at high temperatures.

All of the above qualities make the T-65 ideal for making pizza dough, whose crust is similar to bread. It’s also ideal for artisanal bread, or baguettes. If you’re into baking,  The crispy exterior of the bread produced and chewiness is desired in such types of bread.


In general, the price of flour is dependent on the type of wheat used, the logistics in the production process, etc. Since T45 is the most refined flour out of the others, the production process involving it was the most complicated and hence, costly.   

This is the reason that a 2kg T45 flour packet is $22, and two 1kg packets of T55 flour costs $16.99. The flour with the least price is in comparison, T65. You can get a bag of 4kg for 20.50 dollars only. So in t55 vs t65, t65 is cheaper than t55.

You can try the Farine de ble Fluide – French Imported T45 Original Fluid Wheat Flour.

Flavor and Taste:

The flavor of the bread produced by a flour type depends on the bran content, as per research. Since out of the three types of flour, T65 flour has the highest mineral and hence bran content, it has the richest flavor.

It has a distinct nutty, rustic, salty taste compared to the mild flavors of bread formed by the other two types. Longer fermentation periods also contribute to bringing out this strong flavor. 

Final Verdict

After comparing the three types of flour and their unique properties, we can say that there is not much difference between T55 and T45.  In terms of their uses, taste, and appearance, T45 and T55 have common characteristics. 

On the other hand, T65 flour is entirely different. It has a distinctly richer flavor, composition, and appearance and thus, is used for totally different purposes.  

The three floors have different prices and T65 has the lowest price compared to T45. However, we cannot say that one of them is better than the other, rather, pick them for their use as appropriate. 

In t45 vs t55 vs t65, If you are making pastries or delicacies as such, choose the T45 type. If you’re thinking of t45 vs t55 for croissants, go with T55. 

Also, if you want to make a simple loaf of bread, stick to T55. To make pizza dough or a loaf of artisanal bread, choose T65 type of flour.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Do Professional Bakers Use For Baking Bread?

Professional Bakers use All-purpose flour commonly for making bread. All-purpose flour is a blend of both these types. This makes it usable for making bread, cakes, fried chicken, and a wide variety of items as such.

What Is Premium Flour?

Premium Flour is a high-grade flour with high protein content. For a 2 kg packet of Premium Flour, it will cost $3. You can make pastries, rolls, flatbreads, and a range of bread from this flour. 

How To Make Bread Soft?

To make bread soft, you have to let the dough sit with the yeast until it becomes puffy. After that, put it into the oven. The yeast used in making the bread reacts with sugar in the bread dough to give carbon dioxide and alcohol. So the more time is given, the better. You can also add fat to soften the bread.


That sums up all the differences between the Flours T45, T55, and T65. We hope now it is easier for you to choose the right type of flour you need. Assess their differences and prices and get the one right for you! 

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know!

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