What To Cook For Muslim Friends? – 5 Ideas

Wondering what to cook for Muslim friends? Well, if that’s true, then we understand your concerns. 

If you are looking for some lip-smacking recipes to treat your Muslim friends with fantastic food, then we are here to help. 

However, before we move forward with some tasty recipes, there are a few things that you must know before preparing meals for your Muslim pals. 

1. The foremost essential fact about Muslim loved meals is that they must be Halal. 

For my non-muslim friends’ Halal means that while preparing a meal, you definitely must cook meat and side dishes with an Islamic touch. 

2. Another vital thing is that you must know about the food items that are allowed and prohibited for Muslims by Islam. 

To prepare a delicious meal for your close people, you must know about the food items that are forbidden for Muslims. For instance, Muslims are not allowed to eat pork and its products. 

To help you cook an appetizing meal for your loved ones, we have curated a list of recipes for you.

  • Fish Filet With a Touch Of Garlic 
  • Flavorsome Kebabs 
  • Chicken Biryani 
  • Sponge cakes
  • Creamy butter chicken

However, before moving to more discussion on what to cook for Muslim friends, let’s discuss a bit about the forbidden foods in Muslims. 

What Food Is Forbidden In Muslims?

In Islam, there are a few food items that are explicitly prohibited for Muslims. You must know which food is forbidden before deciding about what to cook for Muslim friends.

Before starting the process of cooking meals for your Muslim friends, it will be better if you keep these few things in mind. While preparing the meal, you must carefully remember not to include these forbidden food items in the dishes. 

The list of food items that are prohibited by Islam for all Muslims is as follows: 

1. Islam specifically prohibits any food recipe or meal prepared with alcohol. 

2. Pork and pork-related products are also forbidden for Muslims. 

3. Other food items that are not in accordance with Halal, such as animal bouillon or broth of animal that is not slaughtered as per Halal, are also prohibited by Islam. 

4. Human body parts, animal carcasses, and animal fangs are also not allowed by Muslims. 

What Are Muslim Favorite Dishes?

To help you to stop wondering about what to cook for Muslim friends, we are here to enlighten you about some of the favorite dishes that your Muslim buddies will love. 

Unlike the forbidden food items, there are various scrumptious dishes that are loved by Muslims. Any palatable recipe that includes various savors and meat is all that a Muslim food lover needs. 

Muslims love some meat that is properly halal and prepared with spicy savors. 

If you really want your Muslim pals to love the food that you are cooking, make sure to add some tempting taste and make the meal more delectable. 

What Do You Serve For Muslim Friends – 5 ideas

What To Cook For Muslim Friends – Fish Filet With a Touch Of Garlic 

Who does love some fish filet with a pinch of Garlic sauce and mustard? This delectable recipe is one of the most traditional and loved dishes by Muslims. 

This recipe is perfect for you to cook a mouth-watering meal with some succulent fish for your Muslim pals. Instead of deep-frying the fish in the pan, you can bake it and intensify the raw and palatable taste. 

For this recipe, you will need a few grocery items that you can get from your kitchen or any halal stores

Ingredients for the Recipe 

To make a flavorful fish filet, you will need fish, olive oil, carrots, pepper, species, and Garlic. Lemon juice, salt, cube-shaped potatoes, and other preferable veggies. 

Steps for Fish Fillet with Garlic recipe 

1st step: Take all the ingredients and blend them well. 

2nd step: Place the fish in the mixture of the ingredients and let it soak in the spices overnight. 

3rd step: Now, bake the fish and ingredients for the next 20 minutes. 

4th step: Take the smacking fish and serve it with some rice cooked in a Tupperware rice cooker

What To Cook For Muslim Friends – Flavorsome Kebabs 

Muslims love some flavorful kebabs on any sunny day. This recipe is perfect for cooking the most sizzling hot and tempting Kebabs for your friends. 

These kebabs can be grilled to bring out the smokey flavor and make it more piquant.  

These spicy Turkish foods are best to eat for lunch or dinner with your Muslim buds. Ensure to cook the meat properly and serve these kebabs hot to get its sharp delish taste. 

To add more flavor to the Kebabs, serve them with lime or mint sauce to treat your tastebuds the right way. 

Ingredients for the Recipe 

Prepare these tasteful kebabs with some onions, potatoes, meat, other preferable vegetables, spices, salt, and coriander leaves. 

Steps for Kebabs 

1st step: Take the meat and chop it into pieces. 

2nd step: Marinate the meat with spices before grilling. 

3rd step: Grill the meat properly with chopped onion, potatoes, and other vegetables on medium flame.

4th step: Make sure to grill it for good 15 minutes before eating with your Muslim pals. 

What To Cook For Muslim Friends – Ritual Of Chicken Biryani 

Having Muslim buddies at home and serving them with flavorful chicken biryani is the best you can do to treat them right. 

Chicken biryani is famous for its spicy and temptatious savors. Some ambrosial hot chicken served with vegetables and rice is the most classic dish to eat with Muslim pals. 

Make sure to get the chicken from a halal shop that is ritually buttered according to the Islamic way. Make the dish more sumptuous by adding a handful of spices and ghee to it. Enjoy the classic taste of Chicken biryani with your friends on any mundane day to make it a perfect one. 

Ingredients of the recipe 

For this luscious recipe, you will need chicken, salt, pepper, chili, turmeric powder, cloves, tomato, ginger, cinnamon, coriander, lemon, and more.  

Steps of Chicken Biryani 

1st step: Marinate the chicken with spices and flavorsome powders. 

2nd step: Chop the vegetables and let them cook for 5 minutes until they turn golden brown. 

3rd step: Put the chicken with the vegetables and let it soak the flavors. 

4th step: Add water and water-soaked rice to the pan.

5th step: Let it cook for 6 minutes and serve it hot. 

What To Cook For Muslim Friends – Sponge Cake Delights 

To make lunch or dinner more special for your Muslim buds, you can add a sweet delight to your menu of the day. Instead of thinking all day about what to cook for Muslim friends prepare an interesting cake that can give them a satisfied and full stomach experience. 

Prepare some dainty sponge cake for your buds and serve it after eating the meal. This soft delicacy is enriched with egg protein and has a yummy taste. Having some delightful desserts after food can make your friend’s day 10 times more fun. 

Ingredients for the recipe 

To prepare this sweet, you will require butter, sugar powder, eggs, flour, sweetener, cream, and other sweet toppings. 

Recipe of Sponge Cake 

1st step: Take some eggs, a spoon of sugar, flour, and butter. Mix it well together to make a batter. 

2nd step: Place the batter in a clean and try tin. 

3rd step: Set the oven on medium flame and put the cake batter in for about 20 minutes. 

4th step: Let the cakes cool down for a bit, and then add some sugar powder and other luscious toppings to make the cake more appetizing. 

What To Cook For Muslim Friends – Creamy Butter Chicken 

To bid away your worries about what to cook for Muslim friends one dish that no Muslim can resist is butter chicken. This finger-licking good dish can make anyone fall in with you. 

Invite your buddies over and prepare luscious butter chicken for dinner. To make it slightly more tasteful, add tomato paste to the butter chicken to add a tangy yet delectable flavor. 

Ingredients for the recipe 

Preparing Butter chicken will require chicken, butter, spices, curd, ginger, mint leaves, and more. 

Recipe for Butter Chicken  

1st step: Chop the chicken into pieces.

2nd step: Marinate the chicken with lime drops, Garlic, and other spices and curd overnight. 

3rd step: Chop vegetables into small pieces and add spices as per your taste. 

4th step: Grill the vegetables on low flame for 5 minutes and add chicken pieces with butter.

5th step: Let it grill for 25-30 minutes 

6th step: Serve the chicken with naan or rice. 

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