Tupperware Rice Cooker and Usage Instructions

The Tupperware Rice Cooker is used to cook the rice in a microwave or OTG oven. It comes with a conductive body and provides enough heat for relevant cooking. The different cooker comes with different storage capacities and conduction material based upon their brand and quality.

Product Description 

The Tupperware Rice Maker features a unique double cover that collects the foam created during cooking and channels it into the recessed area of the cover, then drains it back into the base. Your microwave stays clean and safe from all types of spills and stains. The maximum fill for rice and water is located on the outside of the base. The detailed instructions are provided in the booklet, make sure to read it before using it. 

The cover handles fold down and lock on the base, giving you a solid grip when removing hot rice from the microwave. For best results, keep rice and water within the guidelines marked on the container and use the correct power levels and cooking times for your microwave. Makes up to 4 cups of cooked rice.

If you haven’t tried this awesome piece of kitchenware, I honestly suggest that you do so. It is not expensive and you’ll be really surprised by the results.

Features And Specifications of Tupperware Rice Cooker

  • Unlike other ordinary cookers, the rice can be served and cooked in the same container. No need to buy an extra serving container. 
  • Fast and mess-free cooking: Finally, perfect rice every time! With the Microwave Rice Maker, you can cook most types of rice fast, easily, and mess-free.
  • The handle provided on the Tupperware cooker is super reliable, it will fold down and can be attached to the base. This will provide you with a dandy grip while cooking. The grip will prevent burns from the hot surface while cooking. 
  • For the ultimate results, make sure to follow all the guidelines mentioned in the booklet and fill the water and rice according to the guides marked on the surface of the cooker. 
  • One of the most abundant specifications of the cooker is that the rice can be stored in your refrigerator and reheated in the microwave oven as per the requirements. 
  • The cooker comes with three parts that can be assembled by following the assembling instructions given in the booklet. The three parts include the base, insert and cover. 
  • Double layer cover: The cooker comes with a double cover on the top which will collect the foam formed while cooking and aisles it into the concave area of the cover, and then resend it into the base again, the process continues till cooking. This will prevent your microwave from spills. 
  • Easy to use: The Tupperware Microwave Rice Maker is easy to use. Just take the rice into the cooker, seal the top securely, and put it into the microwave. 
  • Decent storage space: This Tupperware rice cooker comes with a storage space of about three liters of rice.

Care and Safety Features of the Product

The product offers some features and advantages that make it super reliable. Some of these safety features are as under:

  • The product is Microwave and OTG safe up to a specific temperature.
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • To avoid strains and strong odors, make sure to clean and wash it with cold water immediately after use. 
  • If you don’t want your cooker to smell foul then keep in mind not to add tomato sauce, saffron, curry, or other colored seasonings.
  • Never reheat curry, tomato dishes, and spicy food in the rice maker. No need to worry if the product gets some strains, the product will work effectively even after strains. 
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 8 x 6.2 x 9.8 inches.

Warranty of the Product

  • The product comes with a limited-time warranty. Make sure to keep the warranty card with you to avail the warranty and exchange of the product. 
  • For more information regarding the product warranty, please read the booklet and warranty card. 
  • It’s worth pointing out that no physical damages are recovered from the warranty. 

Tupperware Rice Cooker Instructions – How to use the product?

Some people may find it difficult to use the Tupperware rice cooker for cooking rice and might have no idea about its functioning. For those people the detailed steps for using it are mentioned below, let’s have a look: 

  • Fill up the base with rice as per the requirement or follow the marked instruction on the base. 
  • Then add some water and make sure to follow the maximum fill lines marked on it. Make sure not to pass over the maximum limit line. 
  • Now spot the insert on the base with the ribbed side up. 
  • Shaft up the handles of the lid and keep in mind that the handles are on the side of the base.
  • Then, Snap the handles in the region by crumpling them down and “pressing” the handles of the cap on the handles of the base to lock them in a specific place.
  • All set, just keep the cooker in your microwave oven and place

For Best Results: 

If you want the best results out of less effort then follow the instruction mentioned below: 

  • Make sure to keep the rice at room temperature for about five minutes before serving after the cooking is done. 
  • Use better quality rice from a fortunate manufacturer. It will enhance the overall delight of your rice. Avoid cheap and poor-quality rice. 
  • Wash out the rice unless otherwise asserted on the packaging.
  • Use only cold water as the hot water may spoil the taste and make your rice stiff in texture. 
  • If you want to cook your rice in salt then use only one TBSP of salt and add about 3-5 minutes to the total time of cooking. 
  • Make sure to fluff the cooked rice with a Tupperware utensil. The plastic utensil is recommended. 


Some of the precautions while using the Tupperware rice cooker are as follows: 

  • The temperature of the microwave must be between 32° – 248°F/ 0° – 120°C of temperature. 
  • Never cook the rice without adding water to them. 
  • Don’t extend the limit of water as being marked on the base. 
  • Don’t keep it in the freezer and let the temperature exceed 248°F/ 120°C. 
  • To avoid scratching on your cooker don’t use abrasives or sharp utensils while cleaning. 
  • I want to emphasize that the rice cooker is not suitable for cooking risotto or preparing rice pudding, don’t use it for preparing other food items. It is specially made for rice only. 
  • Keep in mind to lift the lid away from your body or face to avoid any kind of burns from the steam coming from the boiled rice. 
  • Don’t add any liquid that contains fat and oil, especially milk. Only use cold water for boiling water. 


There are a lot of products being used for boiling and cooking rice at your home in the microwave oven but the most durable and super reliable is the Tupperware rice cooker, which comes with its unique features and specifications. It is highly recommended by all big cooking experts and professionals. Personally, I enjoyed using it as well. Obviously, it’s very practical to use. It’s easy to clean, which, to be particular is what I like the most about it. And after all, it delivers a lot of value for a decent price. So by all means, I can really recommend this piece of kitchenware.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tupperware Rice Cooker 

  • What is a Tupperware rice cooker?

A Tupperware rice cooker is used to prepare mess-free rice and cook most types of rice (brown or parboiled rice for example) faster and easier at home. 

  • Is it worth buying?

Yes, by all means, yes. If you are fond of cooking and want to surprise your friends and family members with your delicious rice then the product is worth buying for you. Nowadays, types of products such as these are most recommended for your kitchen. 

  • Does the product offer a lifetime warranty?

No, The warranty period is time-limited and doesn’t cover any physical damage. You need to keep the warranty card safe with you if you want to avail the warranty. 

  • How to use the product? 

The steps of using the products are mentioned above in detail, make sure to go through them before starting your cooking. An erroneous step will make your rice delight insufficient and may contaminate your and your family’s mood. 

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