Can Glass Tupperware Go In The Oven?

We are all using food containers in our daily routine. Mostly for taking a meal to our workplace or for storing. However, I am positive that some of you out there use Tupperware for baking and cooking. Personally, I like to use Tupperware in baking because I have various shapes and capacities at my disposal. Unlike ordinary cake pans and molds which are coming in pretty much the same shapes and sizes. In this particular article, we will focus on Glass Tupperware. A question that often arises when ovens and Tupperware are in the same sentence is the following one: “Can Glass Tupperware go in the oven?”. I’ll try to answer that question, along with a couple of others so read on.

Is Glass Tupperware Oven Safe?

First of all, glass Tupperware is not different than any other glass kitchenware that you may use. Any glass vessel is made of the same material, glass. The difference however is the type of glass that has been used to make a vessel.

In a nutshell, kitchenware made from glass is divided into two classes. Ordinary glass and tempered glass.

The first one can be used in the oven if it has a special symbol on it (we will get to it a bit later), and even then, you will have to follow some common practices to make sure that you don’t damage your vessel.

On the other hand, the second one is literally made for use at very high temperatures. But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be careful with it.

How Can You Tell If Glass Is Oven Safe?

There is one particular mark that you should look for on your glass Tupperware before it goes in the oven. That is a symbol that I referred to above. It can vary in shapes and drawings, but all of the designs are telling you that it is safe to put that piece of Tupperware into the oven. Here are some examples of what that sign basically looks like.


As you can tell, the symbol will always have a drawing of “waves” along with the simple image of an OTG oven, microwave, or ordinary oven. A symbol will be on the bottom of your container so just flip it over and look for it. If you see it, your glass Tupperware container is good to go when it comes to heating in the oven. Keep in mind, that some products won’t have a visible symbol. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t use it in the oven, but In that case, make sure that you check the original packaging or manual that came with the product. If your piece of kitchenware isn’t meant for high temperatures, it will be clearly written on the box or in the instructions.

How Use Glass Tupperware In The Oven?

I stated above that whether your Tupperware has a symbol or not, there are still some safety practices that you’ll have to follow if you don’t want to shatter your vessel.

Look For Visible Signs Of Damage

Before you put your glass Tupperware in the oven, check if you can spot some signs of damage. Even scratches can eventually lead to problems after a couple of uses. In general, don’t use your glass container if there are some cracks on it. Even if we are talking about tempered glass, a crack could cause further damage when high heat is applied to it. You don’t want to scrape your casserole or an unfinished cake from your oven, don’t you?

Care For Extreme Temperature Changes

I already pointed out that tempered glass is made to withstand extremely high or low temperatures. But, if you know a little bit about science you are aware that you are not supposed to “shock” glass with a sudden change of temperature. In other words, do not put your glass container directly under cold water right after you took it out of the oven. The other way around is also not recommended. Don’t put the container that you took out from the refrigerator straight into the hot oven. Allow some time for the kitchenware to adjust to the room temperature first. If high heat is applied to the cold glass and vice versa, it will shatter immediately!

Preheat The Oven And Follow the Instructions

Don’t put your Tupperware glass container into the oven before it reached the desired temperature. Preheat it first and then put your dish inside of it. Speaking of temperatures, be sure that you read the instructions that will come with your glass cookware. Most glass containers shouldn’t be used at temperatures higher than 425 °F.

FAQ About Glass Tupperware And Oven Use

Is Pyrex glass Tupperware oven safe?

Yes, it is. Pyrex is just a manufacturer brand. They are taking great pride in how their kitchenware is made and the temperatures that it can withstand. The maximum temperature that Pyrex can withstand is 914 °F, but don’t test that out, please.

My glass vessel has plastic on its cover, should I put it on?

Definitely not! A lot of glass containers have plastic pieces on the cover. Such as handles or edges. Do not put covers like that into the oven, they will melt and cause a headache for you. Use only pieces that are made completely out of glass. I’ll recommend some later.

Is a glass vessel better than a metal one for oven use?

That depends on what you are making. Personally, casseroles with veggies or lasagnas are better when they are made in glass Tupperware. Roasted pork, on the other hand, should go into a metal container.

Should glass Tupperware be greased before putting it into the oven?

Again, depends on the recipe that you are making. But if you are wondering if it’s dangerous to oil the surface of a glass container, it’s not. Oil and the vessel itself will react in the same manner as they would if a metal is in question.

Can you bake in glass containers?

For sure. Remember that I mentioned the shapes that glass Tupperware is offering earlier in the text? That is one of the benefits when it comes to baking in glass vessels. You’ll be able to get cake shapes that are more unique than what the usual baking pans are offering.

What should I do if my glass Tupperware breaks in the oven?

First and foremost, don’t panic. It can be scary at the first, but aside from the mess, nothing bad will happen. The great thing about tempered glass is that when it shatters, it won’t break into thousand of sharp pieces. It will split into 3 or maybe 4 pieces without any sharp edges. So if something like this happens to you, just turn off the oven and let it cool down. Once it’s cool enough, clean the remains of the dish that was inside the container and remove broken glass.

How to clean sticky glass Tupperware?

The same practices can be used that you would use to clean plastic Tupperware.

Products That I Would Recommend

I tried various brands and combinations when it comes to glass Tupperware. I wasn’t satisfied with all of them, but there were a couple that really gave a bang for a buck. The list of them is below.

Pyrex was mentioned earlier in this text. I must admit that they are really at the top when it comes to glass kitchenware. Set below is quite affordable, it’s very sturdy and has plenty of capacity in both smaller and larger vessels.

Another great product. I want to point out that it’s not a brand name, but offers four great pieces for a very affordable price. Has a unique shape and pies made in this are very evenly cooked. To be honest this is my favorite set of glass kitchenware that I own.

The last set that I’ll add to my list is a bit on the high end. It’s an 8-piece set with lids and primarily it’s meant to be used for food storage. However, I used it for baking (without the lids of course) and they worked perfectly. The set is coming in many sizes and shapes so I definitely recommend this one.


I truly hope that I answered a bunch of questions that you may have when it comes to the usage of glass Tupperware and containers in the oven. A summary is that as long as you follow the instructions and you care for your glass kitchenware, it is perfectly safe to use it in an oven of any type. So go ahead and try to bake something in glass instead of metal. You’ll be surprised by the results. Enjoy!

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