can we put steel utensils in otg

Can We Put Steel Utensils In OTG? Yes, But Not Always

Yes, you can put steel utensils in OTG. But with stainless steel, you would need a lot of time to cook. It’s also dangerous if it is not of a good quality. 

However, there are some other kinds of utensils that you can use in OTG without any issue. Those are:

  • Aluminum mold/tin.
  • Glass container.
  • Stainless steel utensils.
  • Silicone baking mats.
  • Stoneware.
  • Ceramic or enameled cast iron.

This article discusses steel utensils and their types along with your query “Can we put steel utensils in OTG?”. So let’s dive into it.

Key Takeaways

Can We Put Steel Utensils In OTG? Discover If It’s Safe!

In simple words, yes you can use steel utensils in OTG (Oven-Toaster-Griller) or other ovens. Steel is tough enough and can be mentioned as an all-rounder material for oven use. 

Most importantly you need to know that any oven-safe pans or utensils are perfect for use in the oven, and steel is one of the most important materials in them. 

Stainless steel is heat-resistant and does not quickly melt or distort at oven temperatures. Stainless steel bakeware, such as pans, molds, and sheets, can typically withstand temperatures of up to 500ºF in the oven.


However, it’s essential to use high-quality stainless steel bakeware that is thicker and better able to withstand heat.

Why Not Use Steel Utensils in OTG?

While stainless steel is considered oven-safe, it’s essential to be cautious and avoid using low-quality stainless steel or other metal items that may not be designed for oven use. 

As they could potentially react with the heat or be damaged over time. It’s also crucial to avoid using stainless steel items with non-metallic parts like plastic handles or lids. Because that may not be oven-safe.

Drawback Of Using Stainless Steel Utensils:

Whether it’s about durability, easy maintenance, attractive appearance, or pocket-friendliness, stainless steel seems to be perfect for use in OTG. But just like other cookware materials it also has some cons. 

When using utensils made of stainless steel in an oven, one of the biggest problems is the low conductivity of heat. This is the reason why it has become a little troublesome to cook or bake fast in an oven using a stainless Steel Pan. 

But to fix this drawback of stainless steel many new techniques have been developed. 

For example, bonding layers of stainless steel with high conductive metals like copper and aluminum. Thus a perfect stainless steel utensil is manufactured for oven use. 

Also using the “impact-bonding” method steel utensils are turning out to be more cooking-friendly.

Drawback Of Using Stainless Steel

You can use a stainless steel mold for baking cake in the oven. The temperature produced in the oven in baking mode will not affect Stainless steel. 

The Physical resilience of stainless steel 4xx chrome and 3xx chrome-nickel stainless steel will certainly not create any problem with 180°C to 250°C oven temperatures. 

However as the heat conductivity of stainless steel is very low, it retains heat for a longer time. So the outer layer of the cake can be a little crispier and hard as well.

Things To Check Before Using Stainless Steel

While using a stainless steel utensil in the oven you need to make sure no wooden or plastic handles are attached to it

It’s crucial to ensure that the stainless steel utensil you plan to use does not have any non-oven-safe components. 

Otherwise, these materials can melt or become damaged at high oven temperatures. Potentially may release harmful fumes or cause a safety hazard. 

Look for utensils that have entirely metal construction, including handles, if you intend to use them in the oven. 

Again, don’t use a very thin steel pan, try to use one with a thick metal sheet and heavy bottom.

Thicker stainless steel is better at distributing heat evenly, which can help prevent hot spots. This indicates that your food cooks or bakes uniformly. 

A heavy-bottomed pan or baking sheet can also prevent warping or distortion when exposed to high oven temperatures.

Type Of Utensils Suitable For OTG

There are very few oven-safe materials that can be used in OTG. When choosing any utensils for use in OTG two criteria need to be fulfilled.

  • The material should not react with the food, as the temperature rises.
  • It should have a higher melting point. 

However, some of the oven-safe materials that can be used in OTG are:

  1. Aluminum mold/tin.
  2. Glass container.
  3. Stainless steel utensils.
  4. Silicone baking mats.
  5. Stoneware.
  6. Ceramic or enameled cast iron.

Always try to avoid utensils with non-metallic parts like wooden or plastic handles. You can get new stainless steel or silicone utensils as well, as it is a popular material used in OTGs. 

Product NameFeatures
Berglander Kitchen Utensils Set Kitchen Tool Set with Utensils Holder Rack and Hooks for Hanging Dishwasher Safe
Silicone Cooking Utensils Set446°F Heat Resistant Kitchen UtensilsNonstick CookwareDishwasher Safe (BPA Free)

Top 5 Steel Utensils To Use In OTG

Below you can find a list of the five steel utensils that are safe to put in OTG. Personally, I never had any issues with the sets on the list and I used them in OTG ovens, microwaves, and regular ovens. 

Sets are very affordable and they will give you a bang for your buck. There is a little bit of everything on the list so I hope that you’ll be able to find something that will fit into your kitchen accessories nicely.

five steel utensils
Source: nytimes

Just follow the instructions and use what you learned in this article. You will definitely use these utensils in a lot of years to come.

1. Complete Heat-Resistant Steel Set

This set with 29 pieces of kitchen utensils has everything that you could possibly need in your kitchen! From measuring cups to a wine opener. 

It’s made from high-quality steel that you can use in your OTG oven without a single worry. It’s extremely easy to clean and there are a few utensils that will help you to prepare your future dishes. 

Klee utensils which are manufacturers of this set also have a money-back option in case you are not satisfied.

2. Set With 6 Basic Pieces

If the previous set is too big for you then this one should do the trick. I’ll be honest and say that this was one of the first sets in general that I bought for my kitchen. 

It has all of the basic kitchen utensils including a basting spoon which you can use for moisturizing meat in your OTG oven. 

Don’t think that this is overpriced. The material used to make this set is silicon. It is highly heat resistant and it’s dishwasher safe as well.

3. Otg Safe Steel Oval Roaster

I’ll admit that this one is very pricey for most of my readers. But oh boy, does it deliver! 

First of all, it’s made by Viking Culinary Products. That speaks enough about the quality of the product. 

Second, this piece of cookware consists of three pieces. Roaster lid itself, lid, and the rack. The shape of the roaster is made specifically for heat induction so you can be sure that your roasts will have a taste of heaven in them. 

Finally, the beautiful metallic finish on this product serves the purpose of a serving dish as well. If you are looking for an ultimate piece of steel kitchenware to put in your OTG, look no further!

4. Four Pieces All-In-1 OTG Safe Set For Lasagna

If you are more into casseroles and lasagna, this set is for you. It’s extremely affordable if you consider everything that it brings to your kitchen. The set has 2 pans and two roasting racks of different sizes. 

The thing I like the most about this set (yes, I am using it when I am making lasagnas), is the ease of use. Pans are extremely easy to handle even though we are talking about steel. 

Finishing on the set is not as nice as it is on the one above, but I still serve meals directly from this dish.

5. Set Of 3 Baking Sheets

Last on the list is the set that I am using for cookies and biscuits. You’ll get 3 pieces of pans that vary in size and are ideal for making sweets. 

So far I had no issues with sticking and they are quite sturdy so I believe I will use them for many years. You can put this set of steel utensils in your OTG without any problems. 

Set costs just slightly above $30 so it’s more than worth it to invest in it.

Other Machines If compatible with steel utensils

You can use stainless steel in the oven if it’s high-quality and doesn’t react with food when it gets really hot. It’s okay to put metal in an air fryer too because metal cookware can handle high temperatures, and air fryers don’t get too hot for them. 

When you’re cooking on electric stoves, it’s best to use stainless steel, copper, cast iron, or aluminum cookware. Ceramic and glass cookware don’t work well with electric stoves. 

But remember, don’t use metal cookware in a microwave because it stops the microwaves from cooking the food properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can We Use Plastic Utensils In A Microwave?

Only use plastic utensils that are safe for the microwave in your microwave oven. If they’re not safe, the plastic can melt, especially with fatty or sugary foods. When you cook for a long time, the heat from the food can make the plastic weaker or melt.

Can You Use Two Trays Simultaneously In The OTG?

Yes, you can use two trays at the same time in an OTG oven. You’ll see there are grooves on the sides of the oven where you can place the trays. Usually, there are three grooves for that purpose.

What Is Baking Steel?

Baking steel looks like a pizza stone but it’s a little heavier and costlier than it. It is made of steel and has a thickness of ¼ to ½ inches. Baking steel is also popular as the world’s best consumer cooking surface.


I hope that this article sheds some light on your question “Can we put steel utensils in OTG?”. Many people are still very suspicious when it comes to this. 

But according to my personal experience, I never had any problems. If you are careful enough and if you follow my tips, the usage of OTG ovens should become a breeze for you. 

Once you feel comfortable enough to cook in your OTG oven, you’ll see how delicious meals from it can be. I know a few people that very good with baking in OTG. 

In no time you can make savory heavenly delights. All it takes is a bit of practice!

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