Is Kinder Chocolate German?

To answer that question immediately. No, Kinder is not German chocolate. Kinder chocolate is famous European chocolate manufactured by the company Ferrero. Kinder chocolates are known for their creamy texture and hazelnut flavor. Some people believe that Kinder chocolate is from Germany because of its name.

However, Kinder chocolate is actually produced in Italy. The name Kinder means “children” in German, which is why some people believe that the chocolate is from Germany.

Where Did Kinder Chocolate Come From?

Even though many people believe that Kinder chocolate is German, it is produced by the Italian company Ferrero. Chocolates are popular throughout the world. Some of the most known products are Kinder Bueno, Kinder Cards, and Kinder Surprise eggs. Egg-shaped chocolates that contain a small toy.

There are many theories about where the name “Kinder” came from. One theory is that it comes from the word “kind“, meaning gentle or kind-hearted. Another theory is that it comes from the word “kindergarten“, which means “children’s garden“. The most likely theory is that it is simply the German word “kinder”, which means “child” in German.

The Kinder chocolate brand was created in 1972. by Italian confectioner Pietro Ferrero. At first, the chocolate was only available in Italy, but it soon became popular in other parts of Europe.

Is Kinder Bueno German?

No, Kinder Bueno is not German chocolate. Kinder Bueno is a chocolate bar produced by Ferrero. It is probably the most popular product produced by them.

Kinder means “children” in German, and Bueno means “good” in Spanish. So the name of this product can be translated as “good children’s chocolate”.

In 1946, Pietro Ferrero, who was a pastry (speaking of pastry, check this awesome Middle Earth inspired pastry) maker from Alba, Italy. He invented a new type of chocolate that he called gianduia (pronounced jahn-doo-ya). This chocolate was made with grounded hazelnuts and cocoa. It quickly became very popular. In 1951, Pietro’s son Michele Ferrero improved on his father’s recipe by adding milk to the gianduia chocolate, which gave it a creamier texture.

All Kinder chocolates that we know today are made from that same basic recipe.

Are Kinder Eggs From Germany?

Kinder eggs, a chocolate egg with a toy surprise inside, are a popular candy in many countries. But are Kinder eggs from Germany?

The answer is not that complicated. Kinder Surprise is not from Germany even though it has a German name. The eggs were first made in Germany, but today, the Kinder eggs are made by two different companies. Ferrero, an Italian company. And Neuhaus, a Belgian company.

Here’s an interesting fact. The USA banned Kinder Surprise. It can’t be imported to the states. Thus you won’t be able to buy it at the stores.

Reason? Well, according to the USA law from 1938. non-nutritional pieces cannot be embedded into food. In other words, the plastic package that holds the toy can’t be placed within the Kinder Suprise.

Pretty funny reason to ban such a beloved product if you ask me. However, we can understand it.

Why Is It Called Kinder Chocolate?

The name Kinder means “children” in German. That is why many people believe that the chocolate bar was named after children. However, this is not true. The name of the chocolate bar is actually inspired by Latin. In this ancient language word “kinders” means “little ones”.

Obviously, Mr. Ferrero liked Latin at the time when chocolate was created.

Why Is Kinder Chocolate So Nice?

Kinder chocolate is popular in the majority of the world. Especially in Germany and Southeastern Europe. So what makes it so special? Just imagine a combination of cocoa, hazelnut, and milk. Nice image, right? And there lies your answer. This combination gives Kinder chocolate a creamy, smooth texture that makes it a favorite among both children and adults.

On top of that, Kinder chocolates have beautiful shapes. Additionally, nice packages are adding a nice final touch. Easy on the eye and heavenly taste in the mouth. That’s Kinder chocolate!

If you ever tried one of the Kinder products, you know what are we talking about.

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