No Fridge In Hotel Room – What To Do?

Staying with no fridge in the hotel room can be troublesome. Ordering room service but having no fridge in the hotel room might put you in a stressful situation. 

Suppose you book a room in a hotel online with the idea to order some dainty delicacies from the room service. You’ll ask the waiter to bring the food to the room with the assumption that there would be a fridge or a microwave in it. 

However, when you reach the hotel, you find that there is no mini-fridge in the room, and there is no sign of a microwave as well. 

Or you might ask for food to bring to the hotel without a microwave or fridge with the impression that the weather is good to keep the food fresh. 

Well, of course, you can ask for a mini-fridge or a microwave at the hotel’s front desk, but the chances are that if it’s not already in your room, then you won’t get it on a personal request. 

If you find yourself in a situation where there is no fridge in the hotel room, then we are here to help you. With our ideas, you can keep your food chilled and tasty for 4-5 hours. 

Our creative and unique tips can help you keep your food chilly without a fridge and any hefty extra cost. 

Does Every Hotel Room Have a Fridge?

If you are going on a long vacation or a business trip, it is highly important for you to book a hotel that is five-star in everything. From providing good quality food to providing the best services, the hotel must be selected as per all these factors. 

As per the survey majority of the hotel rooms do have a mini-fridge or a microwave already installed for the guest’s perusal. 

However, fridge or no fridge entirely depends on the kind of hotel and type of room or suite you have booked. 

For instance, if you have booked a basic room in a 3-star or 4-star hotel, then there are fewer chances of you having a microwave or a fridge in the hotel room. 

MIni fridge or microwave are considered luxurious items to be included in a hotel package. These luxurious items are only available in 5-star hotels and in super deluxe hotel rooms. Moreover, hotel rooms that are equipped with mini-fridge and microwaves cost an additional amount to the customer. This additional cost might end up to a hefty expensive at the end of your stay. 

Therefore, yes, there are some hotels that provide the rooms with the fridge or microwave equipment. The customer who requires a mini-fridge must keep it in their notes and make the hotel booking according to his or her requirements. 

What Do You Do If Your Hotel Doesn’t Have a Refrigerator?

Order food from room service or buy perishable items for eating in your hotel room. Both scenarios require equipment to keep the food fresh and chilled. 

If you are striving to look for a way to keep your food fresh in a hotel room with no fridge, then we have a wonderful idea for you. 

Instead of ordering a mini-fridge and increasing your hotel cost, you can simply ask for an ice bucket and tons of ice. 

All you need to do is ask the waiter for food to bring to the hotel without a microwave or fridge. Also, ask for an ice bucket and some ice with it. Put your food or drinks in the ice bucket and chill in the hotel room without any stress. 

This way, you will be able to keep your food fresh for the next 4-to 5 hours without incurring any hefty charges for ordering a fridge. 

Moreover, don’t forget to put the food in a zip lock bag or any airtight container to prevent the food from melting with ice. 

With this tip, you can chill in your hotel room for the next 4-5 hours without any stress of your food becoming spoiled because of the lack of a fridge. 

No Fridge In The Hotel Room – Can You Bring a Cooler To a Hotel?

Another way of keeping your perishable goods fresh and delectable is by bringing a cooler for your room instead. 

In case your hotel room does not have a fridge or a microwave to keep the food good, then you can ask the hotel staff for a cooler. But, as we said before, the chances that you’ll get one are slim.

With a cooler, you can keep your food safe and palatable. Keeping the food in front of the cooler will also help keep your food good to eat later. 

A high-quality cooler can also work as a great alternative to a mini-fridge or a microwave. With the help of a cooler, you can keep the perishable items chilled without even using electricity. 

Using a cooler can be a great and cheap option for you if you are unable to get an ice bucket, microwave, a small esky, or a mini-fridge. 

How Do You Keep Food Frozen In a Hotel Room?

To keep the food items chilled and frozen in a hotel room, you resort to various useful ways. 

Keeping food fresh without a fridge in a hotel room does sound a bit tricky; however, with our impeccable ideas, you can keep it fresh for hours. 

To keep the food frozen with no fridge in a room, you can resort to the following ways: 

1. Ice bucket 

First step: Place your food and drinks in an airtight bag. 

Second step: Take the Ice bucket filled with tons of ice 

Third step: Drop the bag in the bucket and keep it chilling this way for the next few hours. 

2. A room with a balcony 

In case you have an open balcony in your hotel room and the weather is cool and fresh, then you can simply keep the food out on the balcony. 

First step: Put the food in a zip bag. 

Second step: Make Sure to close the zip bag tightly. 

Third step: Keep the zip bag filled with food out on the open balcony 

Fourth step: The cool breeze can keep the food fresh and good on the balcony even without a mini-fridge or microwave. 

Tip:  If you are trying to save some money on your vacation then ask the waiter for food to bring to the hotel without a microwave or fridge and simply freeze it in a cooler or ice bucket later. 

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